Audio-Technica 【上品】 PRO 45W SALE 94%OFF

Audio-Technica PRO 45W

Audio-Technica PRO 45W 【SALE/94%OFF】 7189円 Audio-Technica PRO 45W 楽器・音響機器 PA音響機器 マイク マイクアクセサリ マイクケーブル 7189円 Audio-Technica PRO 45W 楽器・音響機器 PA音響機器 マイク マイクアクセサリ マイクケーブル /isogenetic2555776.html,楽器・音響機器 , PA音響機器 , マイク , マイクアクセサリ , マイクケーブル,7189円,,Audio-Technica,45W,PRO Audio-Technica PRO 45W 【SALE/94%OFF】 /isogenetic2555776.html,楽器・音響機器 , PA音響機器 , マイク , マイクアクセサリ , マイクケーブル,7189円,,Audio-Technica,45W,PRO


Audio-Technica PRO 45W


PRO 45W, 70-16000 Hz, 37 dB

Audio-Technica PRO 45W

This is used for a congregation mic meant to pickup questions for those listening online. The mic picks up sound better than I expected. Very happy with it.
great product. I don't find anything flat about it's response but I love it's clarity and what I can do with what it picks up! Perfect mic for the $. who knows, maybe it really sounds like that 10' up!Using as blend for live recording, I pick up the house sound with this mic and lay the soundboard signal on top of it; with the right eq on this mic it makes for a great rich, clear mix. Without the eq it sounds like it's in a tube.update on review: In looking back, I think the mic has a perfectly flat response and it did sound really different 10' up in our venue where I had the mic hanging. I love the mic, it is very directional which means you can point it in a manner that avoids feedback and you can choose what you pick up with it. Great mic for the money.
Used for our church choir as an overhead mic. Pick's up their voices well and responds well to gain increases. Crisp, clear sound.
Good pickup. It is important to know that this is only the beginning. When I first connected it with the default settings on the board it did not sound nice. Once the mixer was set, I could not be more satisfied. This is the fourth one I own and am satisfied with the product.

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