Hosa ada-725 Phantom 激安直営店 2021年最新海外 Midiケーブル

Hosa ada-725 Phantom Midiケーブル

Midiケーブル,www.abilityunlimited.in,Hosa,/dorsiflexion2555791.html,ada-725 Phantom,楽器・音響機器 , DTM・DAW , MIDIケーブル,3935円 3935円 Hosa ada-725 Phantom Midiケーブル 楽器・音響機器 DTM・DAW MIDIケーブル Hosa ada-725 Phantom 2021年最新海外 Midiケーブル Midiケーブル,www.abilityunlimited.in,Hosa,/dorsiflexion2555791.html,ada-725 Phantom,楽器・音響機器 , DTM・DAW , MIDIケーブル,3935円 Hosa ada-725 Phantom 2021年最新海外 Midiケーブル 3935円 Hosa ada-725 Phantom Midiケーブル 楽器・音響機器 DTM・DAW MIDIケーブル


Hosa ada-725 Phantom Midiケーブル


7 - pin DIN制御ケーブル、25フィート長さでなければなりません。

Hosa ada-725 Phantom Midiケーブル

Great replacement cable for Dual Rectifier footswitch. The only issue is it wasn't specifically designed for that application, so the "L" connection has the cable sticking straight up from the pedal. The "L" end cannot be used on the amp because of clearance. Other than that, it's a great quality cable.
Pay attention to which direction you need the 90-degree-angled plug to go. For me, this cable is upside down. Oh well.
Working fine as a replacement for a Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier foot switch cable.I would've preferred both connectors to be straight rather than one angled connector, but that is an aesthetic issue, not a functionality issue.Happy for the price/quality of the cable, time will tell if it holds up.

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